Homeopathy – Burns – Cantharis – Causticuma

  CANTHARIS (Spanish Fly): Indications: Burns; Second degree burns; burns with blisters; Extreme sunburn. Also, acid or chemical burns. Symptoms: Burning pain, heat, redness, or blistering. Dosage: 30X every 15 minutes up to four doses. If no improvement use CAUSTICUM.   CAUSTICUMA (blending slaked lime and sulfate of … [Read more...]

Homeopathy – Calendula

 CALENDULA OFFICINALIS (Calendula): Indications: Abrasions, scratches, burns, superficial wounds, gnat bites, incised wounds, eye irritation. Calendula cream can be used as a lotion, for cleaning wounds and for 1st or 2nd degree burns. Creams are more often used on humans than animals due to presence of fur & feathers. Symptoms: Skin … [Read more...]