The Power of Breath and Calling for Divine Assistance

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As I walked into my home I felt a large bubble of energy entering my root chakra and moving up into my heart region. As it entered my home, my heart attempted to expand to accommodate the power of this energy. I stopped in my tracks bending over slightly. Immediately my thoughts cleared and I focused my presence on what my body was doing and saying.  Could I be having a heart attack? Years of training in emergency response gave me easy access to the checklist in my mind of symptoms. Yes, there were many symptoms present. I focused on my breathing, entering the house and heading for my office where I keep my telephone.

Beginning a conversation with my I AM presence my first inclination was to call the friend who has volunteered to take care of my canine family if something occurs making me unavailable long term or permanently. Voice mail. So I left her a message. “I may be having a heart attack, please check in with me later to see if the dogs are alright.”

Down on my knees and hanging on to my desk chair for support, I continued to breathe. I once again tuned my full attention to my body and what I was experiencing. With one hand on my phone to call 911, I sent my consciousness upward to my I AM and God stating if I was suppose to be staying incarnated then please send me divine assistance to remedy this situation that I was experiencing.

Breathing. Breath keeps one grounded, and present. Breath let’s in the love and exiles the fear. Courage, focus, breathe….

Within minutes of my divine request the phone rang. I answered expecting it to be Ruth, my friend who said she would look after my dogs. Instead it was Diane, a new friend who is consciously plugged in and heard to call me. She asked me how I was and I responded with details of what I was experiencing.

Diane is clairaudient and was told that the energy that I was feeling was a heart opening / activation to bring me into a greater state of self-love and to open me to allow others to show their love to me as well. Continuing to breathe, I listened as Diane conveyed to me the colors that were being sent as energetic support. She also asked what I was seeing and feeling. We were present together, breathing, talking at times and listening to our guidance and my body.

Over about 30 minutes time the pressure in my chest began to lesson as the energy of the activation was gracefully integrated into my Being.  Continuing to breathe and ground, my body relaxed and accepted the gift that the Universe was sending. I understood from communicating with my I AM that had I resisted this expansive energy I may indeed have experienced full cardiac arrest. It was breathing, being present and calling for Divine Assistance that provided me with the assistance to keep me in body and out of the hospital.


Over the next couple of days my heart has been sore, having a bruised feeling. I was guided to take it easy and be very present with myself. Once in a while I have felt tension in various parts of my body calling me to lovingly, quietly breathe again, closing my eyes and truly being present with myself.

Periodically I have called again for Divine support to calmly integrate energy while peacefully and gratefully transmuting remaining fear out using the violet flame along with other energies.  Breathing, smiling, grounding and affirming my dedication to stay embodied or to transition gracefully which ever is my soul’s journey and choice.

I AM very grateful to those who assisted me in the moment and equally so to those who taught me the art of conscious breathing which was key in keeping me embodied and in a state of loving grace.



– Kathryn Shanti Ariel 

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