Just Relax- Calming Tip for Nervous or Frightened Animals

Ishnahnay and Mitchel on alert

Rescuing An Animal Physically Is Just the First Step ….

Do you have an animal that has been rescued?  Or do you work with rescuing animals?  If so, this article and video are for you.  I myself have adopted rescued dogs and cats for over 30 years.  So this, combined with assisting clients and wild animals (wildlife rescue) has provided me a great foundation from which to offer holistic solutions to common, everyday challenges.

As part of my services as The Nature Whisperer, I work with animals and people daily regarding challenges from trauma or imbalances from other causes. One of the more common concepts that I share with animals and their people is how to connect into the energy of relaxing and feeling safe.   This is a many leveled process, but the first steps can be very simple ones that assist animal and human alike.

Just Relax … Deep Breath.  You are safe. Gentle smile …

Through this video I am choosing to reach out to the greater population with these simple steps, so that more animals & people can be assisted.  I made this video as a response to the large amount of animals and their humans who are seeking ways to be calmer and release the stress of life – of not feeling safe.

In rescued animals there can deep emotional and mental trauma which expresses in an overall sense nervousness due to their feeling unsafe in the world. However, rescued or no, this is a stressful time upon the planet for humans and animals allowing for a greater awareness of simple and enjoyable steps that can be taken to calm the nerves and connect with the Soul/Spirit that resides within each and every one.


If you would like further assistance, please contact me through my website: The Nature Whisperer or on Facebook.  I provide a variety of consultations from simple communication to trauma recovery and more.

Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery Book

Would you like to have more information on holistic emergency and trauma care?  If so, you will love my reference guide: Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals.

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