Just Relax- Calming Tip for Nervous or Frightened Animals

Rescuing An Animal Physically Is Just the First Step .... Do you have an animal that has been rescued?  Or do you work with rescuing animals?  If so, this article and video are for you.  I myself have adopted rescued dogs and cats for over 30 years.  So this, combined with assisting clients and wild animals (wildlife rescue) has provided me a … [Read more...]


MITCHEL’S SEIZURE CARE AND RECOVERY Mitchel is a sweet being who came to live with Ishnahnay and me in 2014 to obtain assistance in trauma recovery and then for me to find him a new forever home. In his time with us he found his way into both Ishnahnay’s and my hearts. So our home became his forever home. Yet there were many things that we did … [Read more...]