Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery book Forward

Kathryn & Ishnahnay  

 Inspired from her own work over years of assisting animals, Kathryn Shanti Ariel shares her stories and process for helping animals.in emergencies and during trauma. You will find helpful insights on a number of topics from Flower Essences and Herbs to Hands On Healing and Nutrition.  The reader will also gain a broad understanding of the various situations, which can cause symptoms and trauma in an animal.

Although various modalities are discussed, the real intent of the book is to give the reader the confidence and tools to access the healing energy in all life and allow this energy to be channeled in whatever way the animal wishes to use it.  Bridging the various methods to treat an animal with the person’s own ability to channel energy, Kathryn demonstrates how incorporating a variety of tools can bring wholeness to animals, as well as how animals in our lives often can reflect our issues.

Many of the case studies discussed employ more than one modality and there are a number resources provided for the reader who wants to learn more. Thus, there is a menu of remedies and protocols the reader can choose from in assisting an animal. Keeping in mind that veterinary attention is valuable, but not always available in emergencies, the book gives “first responders” and those working in rescues, humane centers or animal control options at their fingertips.

Emergencies have happened to everyone. Ever seen a dog get hit by a car and not known what to do first? Or worked at a rescue or humane shelter and watched animals come in with pain? Or perhaps your animal is dying from old age and you want to be able to assist them in their transition.  These are real situations that many people who share their lives with animals face and this book will guide to have a better understanding of various situations as well as what options your can choose.

Being able to take action and have more than one way to assist an animal allows the person to be empowered to be a partner in healing. Realizing the animal’s free will and knowing that healing does not always mean physical wellness, Kathryn takes the reader through a number of situations.  From her own experiences helping people and animals, Kathryn offers options and suggestions of modalities and actions that have helped bring animals back into wellness.

Whether you are reading to validate your own experiences with healing, or you desire to learn various ways to assist our animal friends, this book will offer something to most people who are assisting animals. The book will not replace or contradict traditional veterinary medicine, but is will offer insights and new ways to assist animals. Think quantum physics or vibrational medicine layered on top of herbal medicine on top of nutrition and physical assistance and you will have a relative feel for the information presented in this book.

Mary Ann Simonds, MA

Ethologist & Holistic Health Consultant



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