Making Herbal Wound Salve & Holistic Healing in Emergencies Video

wound repair salve photo

Several years ago before the publishing of my book Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals Ishnahnay and I were staying on a friend’s ranch who was a great proponent of my work and services.  It was at this time that we filmed this video, the making of the Wound Repair Salve which I sell and also a brief discussion on animal wisdom and Ishnahnay’s brush with death when she was hit by a car in 2005.

 This video gives a detailed overview of how to make the wound repair salve and liniment so that you can do so for yourself, rather than having to purchase it ready made.  However, we do also sell this product for those who prefer to purchase it ready-made.  Enjoy the learning!


Making of herbal products is not complicated. What requires the greater wisdom is the understanding of the herbs themselves, their properties and how they work together.  In addition, unlike homeopathy and flower essences, herbs can compete with other medicines and even other herbs.  Thus I strongly encourage people to learn about herbs, their properties, and if there is the possibility of using them along with pharmaceutical drugs, to discuss with your Dr or Veterinarian of any neutralization or overall complications that may come from combining them.

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