Holistic Emergency Care & Trauma Recovery for Animals Book Introduction

 front cover-08 pg 15In these changing times, it becomes increasingly important for each of us to have either a working knowledge of basic healing techniques or on-hand references to provide access to such knowledge during emergencies when others of greater knowledge or expertise are unavailable.  Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals was written with the intent to be both interesting and empowering in helping you and your companion animals through emergency and acute illness situations by introducing the tools that are readily available in local health stores, your own yard, a community garden, and in your heart link-up with Creator of All That Is.

Energy medicine tools, such as herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, and oils are gifted to us by the Earth Mother to assist us in bringing our bodies back into balance and wellness. We also have our direct link-up with Creator All That Is, which provides us with the incredible healing power of unconditional love and the quantum field of creating perfection through focused application.

3 looking camera originalAs part of my life journey, I experienced great pleasure over the years in remembering the wisdom I learned through direct experiential teachings.  The nature realms[1], my companion animals, and formal education classes facilitated my remembering, spurred on by my own need and desire for self-healing and love of helping others. Beginning my own healing through the allopathic medical model, I studied first aid and other healing modalities while undergoing treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses.  As my life progressed I found that the allopathic or Western medicine model did not hold the solutions to complete the deep healing and wellness that I was seeking and needing.

Ishnahnay kissing Kathryn ArielDue to the compromised state of my immune system, finding other options for healing was at a critical level for me.  It was, during this time I was guided to a variety of healing and balancing methods from physical training to macro-nutrition, and eventually to herbology, homeopathy, and other forms of vibrational healing.

In addition, my love for the outdoors brought me into the study of mountaineering first aid and other advanced levels of emergency and acute healing techniques. For a time I taught these modalities along with other natural studies. This led me to combine the holistic/natural healing modalities with the emergency/acute care modalities for my own use and in working with animals,  both mine and my clients.

My own direct experiences, along with the wonderful teachings that my companion animals facilitated, brought me to a greater awareness of the power of natural healing in emergency situations. The animal kingdom and indigenous people of earth have long known these wisdom, and it is a great pleasure to make them available for others through this book for animals and its sister book for humans.

And for more clarity, if a particular topic has greater focus for one animal group than another, I have noted this through direct comments or graphics.  Utilizing my skill as an animal (interspecies communicator), I have also included basic information to assist you in developing a deeper understanding of communication with animals in stress situations where direct communication with them can become of vital importance.

Kathryn treating horseIt is my great desire that this book assist people who are open to holistic and integrative healing techniques in having greater success in both healing injury and illness and in preventing illness and injury through expanded awareness and natural care.  My sharing of this material and my prayers for wellness, peace and harmony for all and between all life forms comes in part from the wisdom …

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The Divine Creates the Question and the Answer at the same time the Illness and the Cure the Injury and the Rehabilitation.  This is just how Creation works. And in this knowing we can go into the stillness of any situation and find the answer that is already there waiting for us to receive and then apply it with the confidence that the Divine is cheering us on to success, wellness and inner peace, always and in all things.

With all my love –Kathryn Shanti Ariel

[1] Nature Realms  refers to all of the kingdoms of nature including plant/tree, crystal/stone, animal, deva, faerie, and more.