Inspiration For Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals Book

The Inspiration

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In the beginning there was nature’s medicinal garden.  All life relied on its many gifts for well-ness and healing and the great joy of her beauty. Then … we got busy.  And in our business we demanded shortcuts because we did not wish to be bothered anymore with keeping healthy or using natural remedies or eating well. We wanted easy meals, and quick “cures” from illness and disease for ourselves and our animals and we wanted them now!

Then our health got worse, and with us our animal’s health got worse because we took them with us into the fast and furious life that we decided to experience.  Fast food and fast remedies were great or so we thought for a while… Within the quick mix of life and “healing” we also simplified emergency care, from first responder skills to major trauma correction.  Stabilize and transport to the closest veterinarian or medical facility.  What had been household knowledge in the past regarding emergency or acute healing assistance was left to the medicine people and shaman.

But, at the time that the Holistic Emergency Care Project for Animals and Humans was launched on a wave of renewed interest in holistic and alternative care throughout the world. It was a time when people were beginning to seek more answers regarding overall wellness of their own bodies and that of their animals.  The current mode of just using allopathic medicine was not working.  There had to be better solutions.

So on the energy of the desire for better solutions came a remembering of earth wisdoms and seeking new answers to old questions.  How do we combine conventional or allopathic medicine with holistic / alternative medicine for the greater wellness of our animals and our own bodies?  For truly there are gifts in both.

Fields of study and practice in holistic healing developed and are every day becoming more and more popular, along with a greater awareness and even appreciation developing within the veterinarian world and that of the AMA.  Yet there has maintained a gap in the sector of both veterinarian and allopathic medicine regarding the implementation of holistic healing in emergencies, acute illness and trauma recovery.

The purpose of Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals and Humans is to create a foundation of knowledge on how to utilize many of the holistic modalities such as homeopathy, herbology, flower essences and direct energy work in emergencies, acute illness and trauma recovery, and in so doing to create a bridge of healing assistance where before there was a gap that often lead to w(hole) healing failure.

The books are but one part of a three part project which will contain an associated product line and clinics in which the techniques in the book(s) will be taught first hand.  It is my hope that in time these techniques will become accredited courses of study for those in health care for animals and humans, as well as being used in homes all over the world to bring a greater and greater success to healing and maintaining overall well-ness in to our families and the Earth as a whole.

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