Snake Bite Prevention and Holistic Care

Sidewinder rattlesnake

Sidewinder rattlesnake
photo by: Celia Balderree


Like for humans, summer is a time when reptiles are out enjoying the sun in many places.  Be aware and choose to be in harmony.  When you are out in places where they may be, just pay attention while sending Love to all of God’s creatures. 

If you come across a poisonous snake remember they never wish to hurt you or your dogs, but will strike in self defense.  

Think Harmony, Breathe Peace …

Think harmony, breathe peace.  When I go walking in nature daily I put forth the intention of love, peace and harmony for my canine family and myself and all those whom we meet.  I often include in this a visioning and feeling where all of us return from the outing smiling, peaceful and safe. 

* If you see a snake or other poisonous creature, send it love and peace and give it space.  

* Watch where you are stepping.

* If you come upon a snake, etc. unexpectedly, breathe and send the animal a vision of you passing one another peacefully. I have also had instances where singing a song of peace will relax the snake and allow peaceful passing. 

* Don’t throw sticks or balls into the bushes for your dogs to chase – throw them instead on the trail or opening that you can see clearly.

* Ask for Divine Assistance.  I do this by asking the following “Beloved Angels and Elementals who oversee Ishnahnay, Mitchel (my dogs) and me, walk with and before us and keep us aware of those who might harm us or we might harm accidentally. We we choose the path of peace. Thank you.”

* Snakes may be under rocks or bushes hiding from the heat or they may be out sunning themselves. Be aware of where you and your companions are putting hands, paws, noses, and feet.

* Send love and gratitude to all for sharing their wild homes with you. 

Shanti symbol

Om Shanti – Love & Peace

Holistic Tips : If you or your animal gets bitten:

Homeopathy and Flower Essences:

  1. Administer orally: Aconite, or Lachesis, and Ledum Pal in 30c to 200c.  Higher dilution is better.  Give (or take) every 15 minutes for the first hour, then back off to every two hours. 
  2. Administer Bach Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Remedy to assist in preventing shock.  
  1. Stay calm & choose peace for you and your animal friend. Being in a panic increasing circulatory action, speeding poison movement in the body.
  2. Contact doctor or veterinarian if deemed necessary.


– by Kathryn Shanti Ariel – Earthwise Institute (


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