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Author: Blake Sinclair

Millions of us have dogs or cats as a companion or a friend. They bring us so much joy and happiness

From Trauma to Joy

From Trauma to Joy

through their unconditional love. Their love for us is so powerful that they would even risk their lives to save and protect ours. Such love, sacrifice and loyalty seems more Divine and angelic in quality than mere friends and companions. They seem more like canine and feline angels on earth. They love, give, and serve like angelic beings. However, when these Divine canine and feline friends or family members are injured, most of the times we are at lost and don’t know what to do other than bring them to the animal hospital or contact the veterinarian. Surely there must be more that we can do for our Divine Angelic friends before or after they receive medical care. The medicine and care will take care of the physical part of their problem but what about their other needs like their spiritual, emotional and energetic needs. These are indeed important as well.

Like us, they are Divine energetic beings of light at their core. Like us, they also respond to love, joy and compassion. Like us, they are ever evolving. Although they are like angels, sometimes when they become hurt or injured, they are offering us an invitation to help facilitate our soul in evolving into a greater Divine being where we eventually learn to tap into our Divine nature to heal, love, have compassion and serve. It is often difficult to know what to do other than love them and offer our attention, care and compassion towards them. Fortunately, Kathryn has the tools to help our Divine friends as well as help facilitate our growth as Divine Beings that we truly are.

Kathryn Shanti Ariel has taken much of her experience as a first aide instructor, healer, mystic and Divine Spiritual Being to create an amazing holistic approach that facilitates harmony, oneness and healing with Earth’s animal kingdom members, the Universe and us.

I have used similar energetic healing techniques that she discusses in her book with amazing and miraculous results so I know firsthand what she writes about has genuine merit.

Kathryn’s book Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals is such an amazing and comprehensive book for the care of our angelic family members or friends, domestic or wild. It is well written, educational and an excellent resource book for families, rescue centers or anyone doing 1st responder work that may involve our animal Earth companions.

Her book is a true gem for those of us who seek to find an alternative approach to caring for Divine animal beings beyond the traditional medical model. Her book is quite easy to read and user friendly. She guides the reader with clear and easy to follow holistic instructions on what to do in case of an emergency so we can better give the best care as stewards to our animal family when medical care or personnel are not readily available or in tandem with them if they are.

This is a must read and a true eye opener for all of us who love and appreciate all creatures great and small and realize the greatness they have within.

~ Blake Sinclair, Health professional and author of Dare to Imagine and Beyond Imagination