Drug Additions and Holistic Solutions

A Drug Epidemic

ABC recently aired this documentary on drug overdoses in America … Prescription drugs and heroin being at the top of the list … Here is the trailer:

Epidemics such as this affect everyone directly or indirectly.  Yet there are solutions, ones that everyone can participate in.  First and foremost, do as the great Masters of Earth have shown us; Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, Mother Mary …  See what is out of balance and then vision the perfection of Earth, humanity all creatures living, thriving in peace, wellness, prosperity, etc. Do this while speaking blessings: Blessings to everyone and everything …
dove of peace

Holistic Healing Options

Holistic and Integrative healing techniques provide a vast array of remedies that can replace the  use of pharma drugs and life taking heroin and other drugs.  Choosing to learn about natural pain killers, energy healing and homeopathic remedies for balancing and fully healing the body (physical, mental and feeling) are key in putting an end to the drug mania in our country and in the world.
Drugs from pharma and such as heroin do nothing but mask the problem, allowing it to fester and grow. Such destructive action to the body comes from a place of despair and grief, even if on the surface the person seems to be happy.   This is why holistic approaches are of such great importance. All parts of a person who is resorting to such drugs must be brought back into balance through the action of Love and Light directly or in form.  Yes the physical body may be in pain, however more often than not it is the feeling and/or mental body imbalances that are perpetuating the person reaching out to drugs for a solution rather than going within to Creator All That Is and the solutions giving through Love and Light.

Directly or through form, Love and Light and those elements and energies that carry Divine Love and Light to the whole body are great gifts that will see all humanity free of the drug additions and the reason for their occurring.  Individual healing is an inner journey between the person and God/Creator All That Is.  Only this vertical relationship can truly correct the imbalance.  However, all who are aware of this drug challenge in their immediate family or community can certainly assist through prayer, meditation, visualization and by doing what we can to make holistic remedies available to individuals in need.
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 In addition, energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Jin shin Jyntsue all have the ability to facilitate a person’s inner healing in bringing great relief to the whole body system. Meditation, breath work,  visualization and intention – seeing one’s body whole, healthy and peaceful are all skills that anyone can learn and  develop with no cost other than time and commitment to self healing. 
 If you or someone you know or love is using drugs for pain management or any other reason, please take the time to learn these alternatives that can both empower and facilitate healing within the one that is so challenged. 
Blessings be to everyone and everything. 
Namaste ~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel
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