Mitchel experiencing mild seizure

Mitchel experiencing mild seizure

Mitchel is a sweet being who came to live with Ishnahnay and me in 2014 to obtain assistance in trauma recovery and then for me to find him a new forever home. In his time with us he found his way into both Ishnahnay’s and my hearts. So our home became his forever home. Yet there were many things that we did not know about him, including that he had a mild history of seizures resulting from the intense trauma he experienced as a young dog.


I discovered his history of seizures when he went into a series of severe seizures one evening that lasted over two hours. The journey to the emergency veterinarian clinic in Redding, Ca was over an hour, with me sitting in the back holding Mitchel as a friend drove. Mitchel seized over and over again all the way there. Since I was not aware of his seizure history, we went to the hospital to determine if he had been poisoned or what the cause was.


Before leaving the house I had administered activated charcoal, homeopathy for poisoning and Rescue Remedy, just to be on the safe side. By the time we reach the hospital Mitchel seizures had stopped. Subsequent blood tests and overnight observation gave no evidence to the cause of this cluster of seizures. Heavy seizure drugs were offered by the vet, but checking in with Mitchel, I/we opted for a more holistic approach detailed below.

More Extensive Diagnosis

Before setting up Mitchel’s healing/maintenance program, I contacted the friend who had given Mitchel over to me for my assistance. After a brief inquiry I was told that he had a couple of mild seizures previously. This then turned my focus to physiological and/or anatomical imbalances. Then with the assistance of a Feldenkrais practitioner, we determined that Mitchel had cervical vertebrae out of alignment, most likely from his being beaten before being rescued and then adopted by my friend Michael. Research then confirmed that cervical vertebrae anomalies are often present in animals and people who have seizures.


Communicating with Mitchel we found that he did feel a disconnect between his brain and nervous system, which explained much of his traumatic behavior, much of which was displayed as cognitive memory challenges. Once this information was in hand, I set up the following program for Mitchel to assist in preventing future seizures and hopefully improving his wellness overall:


• Herbs: Skullcap tincture, twice daily for two weeks; one week break; repeat ongoing
• Flower essence: Anaflora – Daily Brain Balance, designed to provide animals with seizures support.
• Regular monitoring of Mitchel’s brain to sacrum alignment & bodywork/energy work as needed.

Using this protocol, Mitchel recovered and his overall sense of well-being greatly improved. However, approximately two weeks ago, Mitchel, Ishnahnay and I moved our household into temporary housing in a new town as part of a major shift in our lives. Moving can be stressful for anyone. In this case it also created an interruption in his holistic care routine, resulting in a reoccurrence of seizures. This time however, they were very mild.

Mild Seizure Symptoms & Treatment

I have now learned that a quiet comment from Mitchel that he is not feeling well is often the alert to me that a seizure is coming on. This was the cause two days ago, but it was a visiting friend rather than I who received Mitchel’s communication and did not make the connection regarding him having seizures. So the information was not passed on. A few hours later, the seizure occurred, while we were in the midst of cutting and storing firewood.

As I now understood the underlying cause of the seizure, I worked with Mitchel by administering him Skullcap tincture and Rescue Remedy, while also doing an emergency Theta Healing session along with a procedure to assist in realigning his brain and spine.

Mitchel communicated with me ongoing to let me know his status. Part of the conversation was to acknowledge that he had the choice to stay in his body or leave, and that I would support him in his decision either way. He let me know that it was his choice to stay. Ishnahnay was outside laying the yard holding space while I worked directly with Mitchel and those assisting in his healing.

Dear Mother/Father/God please make me an instrument of your healing

As Mitchel began to improve I was guided to put Absorbine Liniment on his entire spine, from cervical to sacrum; and then also on the front of his neck and chest. This completed the treatment and minutes later Mitchel was out trotting around the yard, enjoying the sun and smells of the morning.

Mitchel & Ishnahnay exlporing

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