Basics of the Doctrine of Signatures for Plants

Red Clover in bloom

Red Clover

The voice of nature comes in many forms, some audible and some not. Some messages are passed purely through visual expression such as body language in animals and doctrine of signatures in plants.  I LOVE the way that plants speak to us through their appearance alone.  The intelligence of plants knows that people for the most part have forgotten that we are innately telepathic.  So they reach out to you in the form of puzzle hints, to draw you in and bring you wisdom at the same time.
While there is a much deeper telepathic conversation going on with all aspects of nature, learning the Doctrine of Signatures for plants is a great way to begin to see what the shaman understand in plants. Some of the most common doctrine are displayed as shape, color, growth niches ….
Plants provide us with a multitude of information of who they are, what the environment is overall, how they might help you or animals, or how they might harm you as well.   Are they welcoming, or are they foreboding?
Do they speak to you through their color, their shape, the texture, soil type and proximity to water?
Medicinal Herb Examples:
Here are a few example of medicinal herbs and their doctrine of signatures …
1. Horehound – respiratory herb – plant leaves look like lungs
2. Skullcap – nervous system and brain support – flower looks like skull
3. Red Clover – blood purifier – flowers are deep blood red color
4. Heart shaped leaves or flowers may be a suggestion of heart or circulatory assistance.


The list is endless and brings a whole different joy to walking in your garden or the wilds of nature. Commune with the plants, and enjoy what they show you. And remember to say Thank You! to them all ….
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