Bringing Divine Community into Being Through Interspecies Communication with Earth and Her Kingdoms

We are in a time when the call back to divine community is being heralded across the earth.  Divine community, sustainable community, a way of living where all prosper and harmony is felt by the participation of all Earth life, through the utilization of earth wisdom and technology in a dance of partnership. This new way of living is required by all to ensure the continuation of life upon Earth.  It has been shown to me by the nature realms and those wise ones who have long kept a sacred relationship with nature (of which humans are a key component), that divine community can only truly be achieved through a deep and loving communion and communication with the nature realms and Mother Earth herself.

Is it truly our goal as Earth beings to grow a garden, build a house, birth a family, and create a business, a community, country and global community, where everyone prospers in unity and divine love?  Everyone:  “all creatures great and small”?  This can only truly be accomplished through interspecies communication. Where we ask for and receive permission, communion and wisdom of the nature realms, elements and elementals that are all intricate participants of these creations.

It has been shown to me through direct soul experience and wise teachers alike that interspecies communication; the communication between all species of Mother Earth and beyond, (our heavenly host family as well), is the key to divine community on all levels. Truly it is a major key for being Heaven and Earth into being.  We are all a part of the divine plan for Earth, and all creatures play an intricate role in its accomplishment. Due to the unconscious state that most of humanity has been in for centuries, the understanding of who the nature realms are in this divine plan, and as individuals, their amazing contributions, wisdoms and magic, have been discounted or ignored completely.

To many humans interspecies communication is a subject that brings up issues of belief and faith.  It challenges every one to acknowledge that there is an intelligence within us all (all life) that allows us to remove the communication barriers placed between and within species. Instead allowing our various means of communication to become readily obvious and understandable to all who partake of them.  Interspecies Communication:  speaking, hearing, conversing, and consciously co-creating with species different than yourself as a human. In the realm of Earth, these include the trees and plant kingdoms, animals, elvin, farie and devac realms, stone crystals and more.  Truly there is intelligence in all of Creation. As all things, whether animate or inanimate are made of energy and energy is the intelligent spark of Creator/Mother/Father/God.

Feb. 09, 2012 - Birmingham, England, United Kingdom - This is the incredible photo of an otter seeking guidance by praying. This once in a lifetime snap was taken by Hertfordshire based photographer Marac Andrev Kolodzinski. Marac had to wait over two hours in the freezing cold before he captured the divine moment. .(Credit Image: © Marac Kolodzinski/Caters News/ you may think, how is that possible?  How can we converse; speak to, hear and understand the language of another species when so many of us cannot even speak more than one human language? There are many steps upon this path of understanding and unity. The first three are here:

The first step understands that communication, like everything else is pure energy, pure intelligence, and frequency in form.  In accordance with this, one must learn to be conscious of her own frequency and how to align it with those whom she wishes to communicate.  Examples include: medicating, toning, singing, breath and high frequency music.

Second there must be a belief and willingness that every being has a voice, one that you can hear. This can be audibly or telepathically. (In fact, most creatures of nature have been speaking to you, to us, ongoing through time, knowing that at some point we would realize it is them talking and pay attention!)

It also important to note here that many creatures communicate through visual language known as visual packages.

Third, is the understanding of how the Universal rule: “Ask and you shall receive” pertains to communication; interspecies or intraspecies. If ask to have clear, concise, communication with another being, based in divine truth and clarity, then the way will be shown and given to you to accomplish this. Believe me, there are infinity of teachers and guides eagerly waiting to assist you in this endeavor! The magic is that many of these teachers are in the form of your animal companion, the bird at your feeder, the tree outside your door or the favorite rock that you sit upon to meditate.  Happily there are also those in human form who have remembered these skills and are here to help you along your own path of divine communication.

These are just three of the many steps to accomplishing true divine community through interspecies communication.  Earthwise Institute (Earthwise.Institute) offers individual and group trainings on this subject and is currently developing a online series and teleconference trainings as well.

Please contact Kathryn Ariel for details at  or 530-678-3516.  Learning how to communicate with all of Earth’s fascinating life forms will enhance your own life experience and lend a much needed hand to bringing the divine blueprint of Heaven on Earth into being.  Join in, and rejoice in the beauty of creation!

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