Our Vision

Ariel and Spirithawk Montana 2004Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery (HECTR) combine the old with the new in regards to healing and well-being.  It does this for those individuals that utilize the tools presented in the books and teachings.  Yet beyond this dynamic since many of the healing modalities are created through nature, they are also assisting in restoring harmony and well-being to the Earth and her many kingdoms of nature. This is true wholistic living and healing for all.

Herbs, flower essences and homeopathy are all created from plants and other members of nature that to most people may go completely unnoticed and unappreciated no matter where they grow.  So while the immediate vision of HECTR is about providing people and animals with whole healing tools, in so doing we are bringing greater awareness and appreciation to the amazing healing garden that grows around us – and will thrive even more with our loving attention and blessings.

When I was initially developing this program, my vision was for global and national (USA) programs such as the Red Cross and FEMA to incorporate this new level of tools into their already existing programs. When FEMA let me know that they were not inclined to take such a step I turned my attention to bringing this emergency care and trauma recovery methodology to the world at a grass root level, through books, clinics and webs casts.

At this writing, the initial books Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals and Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Humans are near completion, which the animal version being published first.

It is my vision for these books to be purchased and utilized in a majority of households and healing businesses the world over, evolving through our focused effort (Earthwise Institute and partnering organizations) to the creation and facilitation of clinics and even a credential program for those in the health field.  Ultimately as a side effect of this occurring, humans will become more and more aware and respectful of the growing of medicinal herbs in Gaia’s ecosystems the world over and through this the healing of Earth herself – holistically.