Connecting With Divine Assistance in Emergencies

Divine connection at Elsa Rupp Trail in Mount Shasta

Divine connection at Elsa Rupp Trail in Mount Shasta

 (Excerpt from upcoming book : Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals)


The premise for connecting/communing with God, the angelic realms and other Light assistants is twofold. First, the knowingness that every being in creation has divine assistants assigned to oversee and support them through their journey, no matter what species or realm they are incarnated in (human, animal, plant, etc.). The second, is the truth of the phrase “Ask and you Shall Receive”. This is a law of the Universe as is the necessity of asking to receive help.

 The necessity of asking comes from humanity and our experience on Earth being based in Free Will, thus creating the dynamic that Divine assistance or Intervention cannot be given without a request being made from Earth to Heaven so to speak. There are a few exceptions to this when your Guardian Angel is given leave to step in to minimize the danger of a situation, especially if not doing so would end up in your early demise and sufficient in completion of your reason for being here.

 Divine Assistance and Intervention are part of Divine Will. Yet, Free Will oversees us here on Earth, thus, resulting in both the power of asking and the importance of asking for assistance in emergencies and all other aspects of our lives.



 Faith In Action


The next step believes in the divine and in divine assistance without actually being able to see who or what is providing you with assistance.

 Believe that it is and there it shall be.


Taking believing a step further and you have:

Knowing is Divine Wisdom Fulfilled


And Making The Call for Divine Assistance is:

Embracing that Divine Assistance is Real and Your Call Will Be Answered


It may be that the response to your call will come in the form of one or more humans in form, or it may be directly through divine energy that simply creates a change in circumstance or feeling, creating the change that you have requested. There are unlimited ways in which the Divine can respond to a call for help.  The main requirement for you is to believe and better yet, know that you can receive Divine Assistance for it to arrive.


 Paying Attention and Receiving

 There is an old story about a person sitting on his house in a flood asking for help from God. The story goes that he called to God for help. “Please God send me help so that I do not drown.” Then several means of assistance came his way; a raft, a boat and a helicopter. Each time the help was offered, the person on the roof proclaimed, “No I don’t need your help, God will save me.”

 Eventually the help stopped coming and the man drowned as his house went completely underwater. So what is this story telling us? Asking for help is the first step. Believing it will come is the second. And then it is our “job” to pay attention, so that we recognize the gift when it arrives and say Yes and Thank you!


 Gratitude As An Anchor

 One of the keys to success in visioning or intending anything into manifestation is to be GRATEFUL for it BEFORE it has actually come into being. What this does is anchors the fulfillment of the request through your knowing that it is already completed. An example of this process is:

 I now intend that my day be filled with harmony, unconditional love and peace.

I ask that the angels of harmony, unconditional love and peace

over light everything in my day and in the day of my family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so done!


Another example could be:

Mother/Father/God I command a healing of my body/mind/spirit

on all levels of all grief, sorrow, despair and related energies

that I am experiencing from the death of my friend ….

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is so done!


Mother/Father/God I ask that all grief, sorrow, despair, anguish, or trauma energies

 that are still resident in my body/mind/spirit in any form be completely transmuted

and transformed into unconditional love and divine light.

Thank you (3x). It is done!


 Author: Kathryn Shanti Ariel



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