Benefits of General Consultations

In general communication consultations with me clients are given the opportunity to ask questions of the animal(s), or other kingdoms, which they wish to commune with more clearly.  In turn these ones are allowed to ask questions, make requests, or give information that they feel is important to them and the human(s) communing with them.

Some of the benefits of such consultations include:

  • Creation or enhancement of the partnership between you and your animal friend(s) through greater understanding of who they are in Spirit as well as in body.
  • Greater awareness of the needs and desires of your animal friends or other kingdoms (plants, etc.) dependent upon which you are having me speak with on your behalf.
  • Enhancement of your own ability to communicate directly.
  • Understanding your journey together more clearly and the choices that you can make together to enhance it.

How I Work

As an intuitive and telepathic communicator I offer my clients a bridge of communication between animals, other nature kingdoms and themselves until they are ready to remember how to consciously communicate with them on their own.

I work with clients either through a photograph of the animals or other kingdoms or in person when deemed better to do so. Questions and photograph(s) must be received by email, or other media, 48 hours before the consultation to allow me time to connect in with the one(s) being talked with and to obtain basic answers.  The consultation is usually done over the phone, but can be done through email or chat if the client requires this instead.

Additional questions can be asked during the real-time consultation as they develop from the answers to those sent in ahead of time.

Payment Requirements

Consultation payments are required before or immediately after the consultation with the exception of emergency consultations