Wound Repair Tincture

Over the years, I have experienced great success in utilizing the Wound-Repair salve internally with animals who have suffered internal trauma and who are willing to ingest it. Case in point was when my wolfdog Ishnahnay was hit by a car while we were hiking in the country, her ingesting the Wound-Repair salve was a major component of her recovery.

This prompted me to create the Wound Repair Tincture which is easier for both people and animals to take internally along with using the salve externally as needed.

Tincture Ingredients:


Yarrow: Achillea Millifolium : diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, carminative, hemostatic, astringent, antispasmodic, tonic

Comfrey: tonic, demulcent, expectorant, vulnerary, astringent

Calendula: vulnerary, diaphoretic, astringent

Chaparral: antibacterial, antiseptic, expectorant, diuretic

Turmeric: alterative, analgesic, astringent, antiseptic

Skull Cap: sedative, nervine, antispasmodic

-4 oz. $18.00


-1 oz. $11.00


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