HECTR: Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery


What does holistic emergency care mean? How is it different from the traditional way that first aid is taught? Wholistic health deals with the whole being, not just the part that hurts. It recognizes that all creatures have four energy bodies, which are the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. To successfully treat or facilitate lasting healing of any health imbalance all four bodies must be brought back into balance.

Many health problems, be they illness or “accident,” begin with an emotional upset or imbalance of some type. If this is not corrected it can move into the mental body, and then eventually into the physical, where it manifests as an illness or bodily injury. This is as true of our animal companions as it is of us. It has been well documented that animal companions will often take on the diseases of their humans in order to both assist them as well as mirror to them, to help in the learning of soul lessons. When an injury or acute illness occurs, the holistic caregiver will tend to all four bodies in the order of importance, to bring the one(s) being assisted into a state of calm and comfort as quickly and effectively as possible.

In addition to treating all bodies, the holistic healer/facilitator may utilize a variety of vibrational healing tools: herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, energy healing and working directly with healing Light Teams or Creator. Holistic care emphasizes treating the whole being through the understanding of the Oneness of everyone and everything. All things carry a vibration that can be beneficial or hazardous, dependent upon their nature and how they have been created. In holistic emergency care we are often called upon to utilize the beneficial to remove or rebalance the hazardous.


The author works with many veterinarians and holistic health practitioners as part of her healing practice. If you have any situation that is beyond your care level, contact a veterinarian or professional caregiver immediately for assistance.