Kathryn Shanti ArielLifelong passions compelled Kathryn Shanti Ariel to help pioneer a new movement in health care: the use of Holistic Healing modalities for Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery, in both humans and animals.

Her greatest inspiration has come from communing with Nature in all its forms. From birth, she felt a deep soul connection to Earth’s creatures (both seen and unseen), which naturally found its expression in her service as a Medical Intuitive and Interspecies Communicator.

Love of learning led Kathryn to embrace a wide variety of training: a degree in Outdoor Education from the University of West Florida, Mountaineering Training through the Sierra Club, Nature Camp in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming with the Audubon Society, First Aid and CPR Training from the Red Cross, and studies in Naturopathy, Macro Nutrition, Massage, Homeopathy, Herbology, Energy Healing, and Flower Essences.

A maturing of experiential wisdom came through years of work with the Sierra Club, Audubon, Greenpeace, Project Wildlife, Fund for Animals, Defenders of Wildlife, Native Plant Society, Girl Scouts, and the Red Cross. As an Herbalist, Nature Interpreter, and Traditional (“Alternative”) Medicine Advocate, Kathryn embraces the Indigenous Sciences, working with minerals, plants, animals, and humans, believing that all beings are alive with spirit and have purpose within the Earth family.

Her own direct experiences, along with wonderful teachings that her companion animals facilitated, gave her a greater awareness of the power of Natural Healing in emergency situations. Her love for the outdoors brought her into the study of Mountaineering First Aid and other advanced levels of emergency and acute healing techniques. For a time, she taught these modalities, along with other natural studies. This led her to combine Holistic/Natural Healing modalities with Emergency/Acute Care modalities, for her own use and in working with animals.

Kathryn developed a Holistic First Aid course while teaching conventional First Aid and CPR, finding that while conventional means can aid in stabilizing someone in need, the addition of Homeopathy, Herbs, and Flower Essences provides much more powerful assistance and can often eliminate the need for institutional assistance. She created and taught classes on Holistic Emergency Care, Medicinal Herbs, Animal Communication, and Conscious Nature Interpretation, and she has provided Holistic Animal Care and “Pet Sitting” services.

In addition to writing a series of books, Kathryn is developing the Earthwise Institute in Mount Shasta, California, creating projects and training that will awaken and guide humans in the knowingness and understandings of Holistic Living and Healing, Interspecies Communication, Community, and Earth Stewardship. Kathryn is available for group classes and personal consultations.